Art Clay Silver: Creative Workshop in Lower Austria

Squeezing, kneading, modelling, drying, burning, polishing and finishing with … real SILVER JEWELLERY? Yes, baby!

What a creative day we’ve had. More than ten beautiful, hand-made pieces of silver jewellery. The joy of creating new things is overwhelming (even the boys get going, joining in the fun!), heaps of inspiration everywhere and helping hands are never far: Here I am fretting about small pieces of silver rose leaves which I intend to wear as amulets and earrings later on. “Self-made millionaires” we are – at heart and at hands 😉

Vor dem Brand sind die Art Clay Silver-Stücke weiß wie trockener Ton: Erst nach dem Brennen & Schleifen kommt das Silber in der Modelliermasse zum Vorschein - ein genialer Effekt für kreative Schmuck-Künstler!

Before the act of smouldering, Art Clay Silver is as white as some forms of clay. It is only after this process that the silver “shines on through” – a great and rewarding effect for us young and aspiring artists.


Die akademie.Geras weist den Weg: Im Atelier 1 des Stiftsgebäudes von Geras verbringen wir, mit Blick auf die traumhaft ruhige Umgebung, einen wirklich geschäftigen "Kreativ-Tag" mit Art Clay Silver!

The akademie.Geras shows the way: At the Atelier No. 1, we get our creative juices flowing overlooking the peaceful Waldviertel landscape of the surroundings while inside we are busy experimenting with Art Clay Silver!


Inspirierende Ecke im nördlichen Waldviertel: Stift, Akademie & Seminarhotel Geras

Inspiration in a natural landscape: Abbey, Academy & Culture Hotel in Geras


Art Clay Silver and the “Akademie.Geras”: Creative Culture Travel “par excellence”

For more than 40 years, the “akademie.Geras” in the Lower Austrian Waldviertel district has been spearheading creative tourism in Austria featuring many national and international tutors as well as creative courses being offered. It supports an entire area including the recently renovated Kunst & Kultur Seminarhotel Geras as well as the fascinating natural surroundings: Pure inspiration!

During a silver jewellery workshop run by local artist Sabine Schimpani, all kinds of creative spirits are brought to light: From the retired accountant at the court of justice to the director of the “akademie.Geras” herself, who like us spends her Sunday enjoying this new type of course being offered. When finally all the shiny new pieces “come to light”, we do dare pride ourselves on our new skills, talented silver artists we are!

Vorsicht heiß: Bei fast 1.000°C verdampft die Flüssigkeit sowie das Bindemittel in der Art Clay Silver Modellier-Masse, übrig bleibt 99,9% reines Silber!

Careful, hot: At almost 1.000°C, the liquid agents in the clay and further elements inside evaporate, leaving behind 99,9% pure silver!


Die kreative Atmosphäre ruft auch Männer auf den Plan: Markus beim (Pläne) Schmieden!

Creative joy is spreading to “tough men”: Markus too is “lost in thought” – do not disturb!


Künstlerpech - von wegen! Die Atmosphäre im Kursraum ist heiter, und weiß man einmal nicht weiter, so ist die Leiterin bzw. alle anderen rasch mit Rat & Tat zur Stelle. Super!

What is teaching us to be creative? Part of the secret lies in this convivial, relaxed “classroom” allowing us to fully express ourselves and literally having all material and aids at our finger tips!


Am Ende die Belohnung: Wunderschöne Schmuckstücke, wie hier Rosenblätter als Anhänger und Ohrringe, sind das Ergebnis eines langen und genussvollen Kreativ-Tages. Absolut empfehlenswert - ein Erlebnis für Jedermann / frau!

At the end of the day, it’s all about joy and pride: Wonderful pieces of art, hand-made like these rose leaves and earrings, are the result of a long, intense creative workshop day. A truly worthwhile experience for everyone!


Have we succeeded in convincing you of the fun over travelling to do something creative? Sit back, relax and enjoy the following excursion into the Waldviertel: The place to get creative “away from it all” in the inspiring landscape of the north of Austria. You could almost call it, a soul’s hideaway.

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