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Travel Video Highlights: Tango & Trekking in South America

A few days ago, I returned from 50°C Atacama desert in Chile into my homely home town of Austria (at about -5°C). Crazy, to say the least! Apart from having to get used to the temperature & season change, I am missing two nights’ of sleep – left anywhere between partying in Santiago de Chile […]

From La Quebrada, Argentina to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile: A Most Magic Bus Ride

What is your favourite road trip on this planet? Highway One, Route 66, New Zealand’s West Coast, Australia’s Great Ocean Road … ? Well, let me add another famous road trip from South America: Crossing the Andes in the northernmost province of Argentina, near La Quebrada Canyon and Salta, in order to reach one of […]

Part 3 of 3: “Farm Holidays” in Argentina – Visiting Ocumazo Community near La Quebrada in Jujuy

Just amazing: It feels like watching one of the seven (or was it eight?) wonders of this world. This canyon, with all its colours & shapes, is a landscape truly unique – even the Grand Canyon is, in my memory, dwarfed by this majestic view of “La Quebrada” in Argentina. 10 years ago, it has […]

Part 2 of 3: “Farm Holidays” in Argentina – Visiting Villa Llanquín near San Carlos de Bariloche

One day after my horse riding experiencing with the Gaucho Facundo in the local community Nirihuau, Analia Garcia who is employed by the local ministry of agriculture offers me to join her for one day of work with the network of families “Red Argentina de Turismo Rural Comunitario” (RATuRC). What an opportunity! Hailing from an international […]

Part 1 of 3: “Farm Holidays” in Argentina – Visiting Nirihuau Community near San Carlos de Bariloche

Thank you again, dear team at ANDA Travel! Thanks to your research and contacts I finally became involved with the Argentinian network of community-based tourism, or „Red Argentina de Turismo Rural Comunitario“ (RATuRC). This network presents a total of 26 rural communities with families wishing to share their customs, lifestyle and traditions with visitors from all […]

Travelling the High North of Argentina: Visiting Salta for one day

Relaxed and easy-going. I bet that’s what you think what my travels look like. But every now and then, you need a “break from the break“, for instance after long and intense days of living the Mendoza Wine Festival experience, or equally fascinating days spent exploring the local Bodegas Wine Estates. Sleep in, go with the […]

News from Argentina: Beauty Queens & Wine Theater in Mendoza

“It’s a wine beauty contest, really!” Travelling to the wine capital city Mendoza at the beginning of March, I witness one of the largest events concerning beautiful girls & wine harvest celebration I have ever experienced in my life. When, how and where Las Reinas De La Vendimia are being nominated and selected has given rise to […]

Visiting Top Wine Estates in Mendoza

Being invited to the Festival Nacional De La Vendimia 2013 – Argentina’s largest annual wine event in the city of Mendoza – I was literally over the moon with happiness when the final confirmation came in. Four days of wine tastings at top-notch bodegas, red carpet access to the parade of “Las Reinas” (Wine Queens) […]

My Summertime in Argentina: Kayak Trip in San Carlos de Bariloche

What to do on a late summer day in the heart of the “Swiss Andes”? Go kayaking! It might not sound as obvious, but I was taking my chance: Thanks to the great & efficient team at Achalay & Rodinia Hostels in Bariloche, I could join a small group of seven happy kayakers in no […]

Perito Moreno Glacier in El Calafate

“Eating Calafate berries means you are going to come back.” That’s what Argentinians like to tell me. Well, I hope so! In any case, I have not come to the small town of El Calafate in order to taste its bittersweet origins, but to marvel at one of the most incredible natural monuments of our […]

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