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... ebenso die gewaltige Stiftskirche inmitten des mächtigen Innenhofes.

Exploring Rein Abbey and Maria Strassengel Pilgrimage Church near Graz, Styria.

It’s many years already that my friends and fellow travel bloggers have been visiting the monasteries, abbeys and convents of the Austrian association “Klösterreich”, whose goal is to promote monastic products and offers for tourism. We have, for instance, learned more about the healing arts of “TEM” (Traditional European Medicine) off a religious order of nuns in […]

... dazu passend rückt der berühmte Grazer Uhrturm ins nahe Blickfeld ...

Post-Corona travel tip: Off to visit Graz in southern Austria.

Following the immediate aftermath of the corona crisis, Austria has once again eased its travel restrictions and I have promptly jumped at the opportunity to give in to my itchy feet again. Graz it is, and what used to be only a two-hour-journey from Vienna suddenly bore the almost same excitement as a round the […]

... während der Papa noch studiert ...

#Babymoon bliss at the Hotel Retter in Styria, Austria.

Taking a trip with your baby bump and future dad-to-be: Actually THE moment to “slip away still”. Before baby is born makes for the perfect travel time as a couple, enjoying all the attention around your growing belly and spending some more quality time together. A wonderful feeling I can only recommend to all parents-to-be! […]

... danke, liebe Tamara, lieber Gerhard, für den schönen Besuch in Eurer Heimat !

Murau-Kreischberg, one of Austria’s greenest & cleanest alpine travel destinations.

You know what? In Murau-Kreischberg even snow cannons can be sustainable! Really?! I can’t quite believe what they say: Aren’t artificial snowmaking systems in the mountains considered one of the most environmentally unsustainable forms of development? “Not if you draw the water from your own reservoir lakes, and add nothing to the pure mountain water during […]

Hotel Lambrechterhof: Your green weekend getaway in Styria.

Since about a year, I’ve turned into “a city girl” from Vienna. As much as I cherish all the advantages of my urban lifestyle, I do miss “my countryside”, i.e. the place I grew up in. Miss taking deep breaths of fresh air, roaming forests and fields, taking a walk without traffic or cars. Let […]

... DANKE, Familie Retter ...

“Steirisch aufRETTERn” : A Slow Food Festival Experience at the Hotel Retter in Styria!

If I had to describe the seminar hotel & organic restaurant Retter with one word, it would be : Phenomenal. Having already travelled quite a bit around Styria, I can say I know most of the province’s outstanding hotels, wine & foodie destinations in South, East and Western Styria. But hardly ever have I experienced such a […]

Hierin habe ich mich wirklich völlig entspannt und in nicht einmal einer halben Stunde echte Tiefenentspannung erlebt. Spannend :D

Sustainable Travel in Styria: Visiting Loipersdorf Spa Resort.

“Just think of it this way”, Hannes Wagner says, lowering his voice. For more than two hours, we find ourselves hooked on his words, filling us in on the stories about Loipersdorf spa resort and its many surrounding hotels. “The farmer back in the old days, who hasn’t done anything but work hard his whole life, suddenly […]

Exploring Abbeys in Austria: From Stift Saint Lambrecht in Styria to Traditional European Medicine (TEM) in Bad Kreuzen / Bad Mühllacken

Pater Gerwig Romirer smiles with his eyes. The warmth with which he welcomes us to his abbey, Stift St. Lambrecht in Western Styria, contrasts with the cool spring weather outside: Some 1.000 metres above sea level, the mountains make for a mere 12°C. Given the wide corridors and sheer size of the historical abbey in […]

... einem genussvollen Rundgang durch das Grazer Lendviertel mit der charmanten Graz Guide Angela!

Winesome Foodie Travel Tips for Graz & Styria #InAustria

Graz. Gourmet capital city of Austria, sun kissed by the heat of the south and quite simply, a cradle of theatre, poetry, and good-natured people with an inclination for … food. Lots & lots of foodie delights! Each and every time I visit, the “gourmet capital” dishes up a new type of foodie travel experience. Apart from […]

… während ich mich gemütlich mit der sympathischen Hoteldirektorin-Stellvertretin, Christina .. unterhalte.

#LifeOfATravelBlogger: Tasting notes of a teaching travelling expert!

“So how is this thing about you always moving … are you travelling for business or leisure or both ??” The #LifeOfATravelBlogger: As funny as the name of this internationally curated hashtag actually sounds, it does hint at the fact that we, as professional travel bloggers, are leading a life far off the notion of most people’s idea […]

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