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South America

Hiking the World-Famous W-Trek in Torres del Paine

Ok. I will not say I am the most knowledgeable, passionate or enduring hiker. But this trek made me smile. Right through. Blisters, trembling knees, screaming toes, stinging sunshine & tears with laughter: We’ve had it all. Read on if you want to find out how you, too, could enjoy the hike of a lifetime. […]

Glamping & Horsetrekking: Eco-Tourism in Torres del Paine

What is growing at the foot of the largest mountain in this area of the Patagonian desert? (Almost) Everything! Hotel Las Torres, where I am staying for one weekend, runs an organic orchard for its many international guests here, including tomatoes, rhubarb, delicious local Calafate berries, apples, broccoli, cucumbers, salad and many more. After breakfast, I “take […]

Glaciers & Guanacos: Exploring Torres del Paine

Calving glaciers, grazing Guanacos and oh so gentle men: Torres del Paine is full of wonders. Most people arrive here to experience the crown jewel of South America’s national parks (the “Teenagers of the Andes”), and when you do, I recommend you do it in style. Right now, I am sitting in front of a […]

Local Storytelling, Birdwatching & Sailing in Tierra del Fuego

What is YOUR perfect travel day? Relaxing, (city) touring, meeting a local, sharing stories, good food, not a single thought about money or work maybe … ? Well, you can have all of that – and more – in amazing Tierra del Fuego. It is certainly worth travelling here though it is far from everywhere. Let […]

13 Travel Tips Around World’s End in Argentina

This is a story dedicated to YOU, dear travellers. It’s a story about the “naked truth”, cuddling penguins and other quirky travel bits from “the other side of the world”: Ushuaia, the southern-most city in the world. Check out why this destination is worth travelling to and why “Tierra del Fuego” (country of fire) has just […]

Ushuaia: Travelling to the southern-most tip of Argentina

It feels … cooler. Pleasant, actually. The landscape is: A miracle. Mountains with snow fields clad in lush forest reach down to sea level. I smile, happy as a child. After 18 months of living in beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand, I immediately bond with this far-away region and city. 13°C, a light breeze and clear southern skies. From […]

Cooking Buenos Aires Empanadas with “Teresita La Bella”

Wine & champagne keep topping up, hummingbirds circle nearby, sweet smells, sizzle & laughter fill the air: Cooking classes really are some of my favourite creative travel activities. Not only because of the fun, interactive elements such classes provide, but also because of the real connection with locals (and other visitors) you make.   Living Life […]

Dancing the Tango in Buenos Aires …

Well. I guess this is what you’ve been waiting for you. At least that’s what we hope. After all the “pain” we’ve been through 😀 Markus and I are now proud to show our first and very official Tango Dancing Video that we recorded during a private Tango Tour through the so-called “Milongas” (Tango bars) of Buenos Aires. “Sometimes […]

Buenos Aires: On Yer Bike & Community Visit of La Boca

“In La Boca, you will find one single lane worth visiting, El Caminito, which is THE most-visited tourist trail in the whole of Buenos Aires …” Do statements like these also make you shiver? Well, here is one good tip on how to avoid the typical, standard tourist experience: Take a tour “La Boca Beyond Caminito” […]

Buenos Aires: Cicerones Greeter Tour & Visit of San Telmo

We have only been in Buenos Aires for 24 hours. And yet, we have already had the chance to experience one of its “must-see” attractions: A Buenos Aires Greeter Tour (“Cicerones, un amigo en Buenos Aires“). After a crazy journey to our summerly destination on the other side of the world, an extended breakfast on the […]

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