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Salzburg @en

Creative Storytelling Workshop through Creative Tourism Austria

MAKE ME CARE! Why should I listen to you? What story does your person, your hotel, your offer tell me? “A so-called ‘Plättenfahrt’ on lake Aussee essentially means selling a dream to our clients”, Mrs Stocker, managing director of the hotel Erzherzog Johann in Bad Aussee, explains: “If we then manage to surprise their culinary imagination with our local lake brass specialities and […]

Painting, Cooking & Felting: Creative Breaks at Hotel Tannenhof in Salzburg

Creative Travel with “Creativelena” and Creative Tourism Austria. When I heard about our group of young travel bloggers joining a creative beer-making workshop in Salzburg, I thought it was all falling into place. I just had to organise for us to continue creative travelling in Austria, exploring further interactive leisure options around the provinces of Salzburg & […]

Beer Workshop in Salzburg: Make Your Own Beer at the BierKulturHaus in Obertrum!

All fogged up (with beer steam). Laughing. Sharing photographs & keeping it going. “You have to continue stirring and check the temperature!” – “Make sure nothing falls in here, as that would be a real catastrophe and all of your work destroyed!” We take a respectful step back from the tank, which slowly starts filling […]

Salzburg: Secret Beer & Magnificent Cultural Capital of Austria

Salzburg, a “world stage“. So many threads run together here weaving a fabric of international atmosphere, magnificent small city and historical beer tradition. The world-famous puppet string theatre welcomes us travel bloggers on this Friday in June: Black Dots White Spots, JustTravelous, Rolling Wheatfields, Tripwolf & Teilzeitreisender, treating us to a short version of Mozart’s Magic Flute that brings back […]

Bake Your Own Bread with Roswitha Huber in Salzburg

Today, we FINALLY made it to Roswitha Huber. She is a star, really. “Simply” baking (real, delicious, home-made Austrian) bread? Our group of dedicated travel bloggers from all over Austria will all agree: Learning how to bake your own bread in the Rauris valley of Salzburg definitely is an experience in its own right. ” … And […]

Ein Rundgang durch die Stadt Salzburg ist vor allem Ende November / Anfang Dezember ein wahrer Stimmungsheber- und wem's draußen zu kalt wird, der findet an jeder Ecke "eine gute Stube" (sowie natürlich, reichlich Bier!).

Austrian Travel Blogger Meet-up in Salzburg

Winter starts with the first flakes of snow in Salzburg. A cosy atmosphere wraps us up, supported by the chants of Christmas carols from the local Christmas markets. As travel bloggers, we feel inspired …  beer, travel tales & blogging. Thoughts, ideas, opinions and emotions are being “liked”, “shared”, “tweeted” and “posted” parallel to our […]

An zwei Wochen im August finden hier die jährlichen Impuls.Kurse .in di Berg. statt: Inspiration für Stimme und Hände in wunderbar inspirierender Umgebung.

Creative Travel in Salzburg

“Creative travel, that’s not for me – I’m not creative.” Have you heard this before? Or worse: Had the same thought yourself? Well, there’s only one remedy: Go out and TRY creative travelling. And stay creative, just as you would in everyday life. Learn and benefit from like-minded travellers and/or children around you. Check out […]

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