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Hiking / Trekking

Wine Travel in Baden-Württemberg: “Winesome Experiences” we’ve had!

I really like those Wine Experience Guides. You just cannot help but fall for their sense of humour, wit & knowledge. More than a 100 are working on conveying unique wine experiences in the wine districts around the city of Heilbronn, with four of them being “ours” for the days we spent exploring this area. “The wine called Du & […]

“Rebecca Bloginiva”: Out & About with Creativelena in Waldviertel, Lower Austria.

Rebecca Bloginiva – A travel blogger’s tale. My friend Janett Schindler aka Teilzeitreisender.de has really come up with something special and “created” the charming, young adventurous traveller Rebecca Bloginiva! “Rebecca is a fictitious character, as if escaped from a novel. But this ‘novel’ is something entirely different. It is being written by travel bloggers. Like word of mouth, each travel […]

Waldviertel Treasure Chest: Exploring “Geniesserzimmer” & more in the high north of Austria

Today, I am on my way to one of the “last gourmet trips” in Lower Austria this year … But wait. Has it really been more than 70 travel articles I have already written and published about Gourmet Travel this year? Wow. Apparently, it has. I am a real gourmet traveller, then, and can make […]

Hiking Destination Upper Waldviertel: Powerful Places to connect with nature.

“Charge your batteries here” could have been taken from an advertisement slogan, had I not really felt this way up here: The Waldviertel forest district in Lower Austria, close to the northern border with the Czech Republic, is especially worth seeing at this time of year. With the Indian summer in full swing, the golden coloured leaves, the […]

“Gourmet Mile” & “Geniesserzimmer” Local Accommodation Tip in Lower Austria

Dear friends & gourmet travellers: Have you heard of the “largest bar in the world”? Did you know that Lower Austrians hailing from the wine regions like to “mountain shoot” on certain occasions?! And what on Earth are Rotgipfler & Zierfandler wines? Well, let me tell you this: Wishes do come true around here, and one example are the […]

I miss New Zealand.

I am emotional. Big time. 18 months living in New Zealand and back there two years ago as part of my round the world trip, I have just come off watching the “Whale Rider” on DVD. I know. Wonderful story, beautiful emotions and scenery, great actors, storytelling and the likes. I have seen it before. […]

Magic words & mountain wellness: Visiting Hotel Erzherzog Johann in Bad Aussee

“Imagine a point where you could quietly balance Austria on the tip of your fingers. This point is where Bad Aussee is located: It lies at the geographical heart of the country!” Fellow travel writer Andreas Susana (Travelwriticus) and I indulge in our thoughts about the beautiful Aussee mountain district. Austrian movies, great poets and writers, Alpine kitsch […]

Creative Travel in Salzburg Part III: Fly me to the moon, sing me a song, bake me some bread!

Enjoy your meal, dear readers. As for me, I can still breathe the aroma of our freshly baked bread including delightful cream cheese with local herbs & home-made blackcurrant jam … the farm, more than 100 years old, the oven, more than 60 years old, the crispy bread emerging from it, the expectations of us 24 “aspiring bread bakers”: Kathi, […]

Travelling the Vienna Alps: Views like Paradise

Sometimes, happiness can be found just around the corner. Those looking for a place to cool down & relax in the summer heat of a city like Vienna are best advised to head out into the gently rolling hills & mountains of the so-called “Bucklige Welt” in the Vienna Alps. High up at the Schneeberg mountain, the highest […]

Wonderful World Heritage: Emotions from my trip through Germany

Imagine this: You are on a trip, and one cultural highlight, one great music event, one exciting city tour is chasing the other … Will you sit back, trying to catch your breath and relax? Well, keep trying. Once the travel destination Germany unleashes its treasure chest of mighty UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you can only sit back and do […]

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