You wouldn't be here if you weren't curious.*

Hi! I'm Elena! Welcome to my travel blog Creativelena.com.
For me, it is all about “life-seeing instead of sightseeing”: Join me as I create, eat & live my way around the world. Curious?

*Check out my book, “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook”, for learning more about what we mean by creative travel. Travelling means the world to me, makes me fit for everday life and sometimes, I trust, also calmer on the inside. Read this blog with a smile, share what you love and remember to check back regularly: After all, when was the last time you did something for the first time?

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... are in for our first treat with Susan "just down the road & around the corner", a nice little savoury pastry to set the tone for more things yummy to come our way.

Tracing the New York Food Scene by touring Little Italy & Lower East Side Manhattan

Susan Birnbaum is what you would call a happy person. Almost motherly, too, as she herds & leads our small group of eager food travellers through what is called “Little Italy in the Bronx“, the name & district of the New York Susan Sez Food Tour we are on – the second in 48 hours […]

#Foodlover Exploration of Brooklyn, New York with Urban Oyster Tours

“We’ve had such a wonderful time today!” Linda’s eyes are beaming with delight. She is one of five very happy food travellers who have come to join a Brooklyn Food Tour with Urban Oyster Food Tours on this bright autumn day. Upon saying goodbye and thank you to our dear guide Joe, we all leave […]

Eating London Food Tour: Exploring Spitalfields Market & Brick Lane in East London

“You will go very far, considering your enthusiasm and energy Elena!” Nicole’s words still ring in my ears when I think back of my recent #foodlover exploration of East London thanks to Eating London Tours. Enthusiasm, energy and an appetite for life are definitely what drive me these days, as I am travelling round the world researching creative culinary travel tips in far-flung […]

#InspiredByIceland: A Most Magic Road Trip of Western Iceland.

“Listen here. It is so quiet … absolutely no noise.” My words carry over to my friend & travel companion Björn from Iceland, whose face immediately breaks into a knowing smile. Noticing the absolute absence of noise has us world citizens & urban dwellers almost shriek with delight. Even the sea cradles the coast in a […]

Creative Iceland: The Reykjavik Of Elves, Dwarfs, Artists & The Hidden People

Exiting the plane, I take a deep breath in this far-flung country of Iceland, sitting right below the Arctic Circle some 60° latitude north. I realize I have never been this far north in my whole life. Iceland. What a mystery this name bears, even – or especially – to a world traveller like myself. […]

#CreativElenaRTW: Planning & Living The Big Round The World Trip Adventure

The world travel bug has bitten me. Again. From being totally relaxed to being utterly excited, the question I most answer these days is: “So how do you prepare for three months on the road?!” I then hear myself say, smiling: “But I have already been on a round the world trip you see … for […]

#CreativElenaRTW: Round the world the culinary-creative way. Of Book Projects & Life Dreams!

Everyone has them. Everyone knows them. Everyone loves them. And this time, I am asking you: What is YOUR life dream? 🙂 Today, I will tell you mine. Where it came from, where it will lead me and … my thoughts and feelings connected to it. Pretty much all at once. And yet worth reading. […]

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