Work starts with Pleasure: English & French translations of the World Heritage Brühl Palaces

Augustusburg & Falkenlust: The Palaces of Brühl in the World Heritage Rhine country. Such was the mission of me visiting this unique and fascinating World Heritage site in Germany during the summer month of July 2013. Altogether, I have been travelling to seven out of 38 German World Heritage sites, meeting the most warm-hearted and different people of this country. As an enthusiastic Austrian, I found it easy to bond with our neighbours to the north: They “like” us (yes, they do 😉 ), last but not least because of our international tourism know-how. Meeting Christiane Winkler, of Brühl Palaces, has proven to be very fortunate indeed. As a studied art historian, I had the pleasure of having the most suitable guide to take me round Brühl Palaces and their beautiful palace gardens dating back to the time of the Rococo.

“You do translations & language trainings in English, Spanish and French? Well, that is fantastic! As a matter of fact, we do need our websites translated into English and French. Your background in tourism and language studies is exactly what we need.”

Die wunderschönen Alleen und Parkanlagen der Schlösser von Brühl haben es mir angetan.

The beautiful alleys and palace gardens at Brühl near Cologne have won me over in no time. Christiane Winkler knows very well how to “enchant” her visitors!


Dazu zählt unter anderem die Prunktreppe im Schloss Augustusburg, entstanden nach einem Entwurf des berühmten Architekten Balthasar Neumann für die Lieblingsresidenz des Kölner Kurfürsten und Erzbischofs Clemens Augustus.

Part of the charm of Augustusburg Palace is this mighty staircase, designed by the renowned architect at the time, Balthasar Neumann. Augustusburg Palace was the favourite residence of the Cologne elector and archbishop Clemens Augustus, a masterpiece of German Rococo and as such a paragon for numerous 18th century Germany royal courts. Now, I am able to tell you even more facts – in three languages! 😀


Fernab der Hauptattraktionspunkte sorgen die Landschafts- und Naturschutzgebiete in den Park- und Gartenanlagen der Schlösser für die eine oder andere Überraschung: Zahlreiche Tiere zeigen sich hier den Besuchern.

Far from the main points of attractions, the hidden alleys and primeval forests of the garden and park facilities at Brühl Palaces make for an enchanting visit, including cute little rabbits! Part of my translation work was informing visitors about how to respect and care for the natural environment: “So we can answer those famous ‘Why?’ questions visitors always have”, Christiane smiles.


Done, then. Works starts in December. I time travel back to Germany from my desk – work has started with a former pleasure visit, after all. Hope more of this comes my way!

Thanks to my many international friendships, contacts and travels and thanks also to my entirely bilingual website, which I regularly maintain in both English and German, I find it very easy, fast and rewarding to deal with the English translation. Art history words or other, more complex phrases, prove to be a most welcome change for a language fan like myself. I LOVE thinking about expressions, proverbs and the like in foreign languages!

Preparing the French translation however has taken me longer. My last internship in Paris working for an international tourism consultancy has been more than seven years ago, however once reading and thinking back in French it all came rushing back at me. What is more, thanks to my time in France I gained an invaluable friend for a lifetime: Anne-Laure. Soul mate, travel companion and “cute little Frenchie” from Limoges, she helps me out whenever I am left with a doubt. “Je t’ai mis en rouge mes corrections, y’a pas grande chose, juste des détails.” Thank you Anne-Laure, for your support!

Die Übersetzungen beinhalten auch teils kuriose, wohl gemeinte Sätze wie: "Nur Eindrücke und Beobachtungen sammeln, keine Pflanzen oder Tiere." Wer nähme schon so eine süße Ente aus dem Park mit nach Hause?

Doing the translations, I also get to think about the park rules & regulations, where it says for instance: “Do not start taking any plants or animals home with you.” Curious, but let’s face it: Would you really take that sweet little duck out of its pond and home with you?!


"Fotografieren in den Schlössern Augustusburg & Falkenlust verboten", erfahre ich beim Durchgehen der Unterlagen. Dank meiner Sonderführung durch Christiane Winkler darf ich hier einen Ausschnitte aus dem zauberhaften Jagdschloss Falkenlust stibitzen.

“No photographs allowed inside the Brühl Palaces”, is what I learn going through the documents provided. Owing to my special guided tour with Christiane Winkler herself, I do manage to steal this one photograph for you, showing the inside of beautiful Hunting Lodge Falkenlust.


Die wunderschönen Parkanlagen der Schlösser Brühl im Sommer.

The beautiful palace gardens of Augustusburg Palace during summertime.


Als Welterbestätten sind die Schlösser Augustusburg & Falkenlust mitsamt ihren historischen Gärten und Parkanlagen international geschützt und beachtet: Jährlich finden sich Tausende Besucher hier wieder.

Counting as one of Germany’s 38 World Heritage Sites, the Brühl Palaces together with their palace gardens and parks receive special attention and care by the public. Year after year, thousands of visitors come to marvel at the splendour of the German Rococo era.


Besonders dieser Blick auf das Schloss Augustusburg hat es mir angetan. So schön - und wirklich sehenswert hier! Seht Euch ruhig auch mal die englischen & französischen Website-Infos darüber an und empfehlt sie Euren Freunden. ;)

I particularly like this view and photograph of Augustusburg Palace. It really is this pretty here, and I definitely recommend you to go. Have a look at their English and French websites also in order to plan your stay: After all, I can gladly refer you to them. 😉

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