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Tourism Product Development

Ulrike Rauch-Keschmann und ich treffen uns hoffentlich schon bald wieder zum Gespräch in Wien. Vielen Dank, liebe Ulrike für Deinen großartig moderierten Vortrag beim ÖW Tourismustag in Bad Tatzmannsdorf!

The #oett14 Tourism Day of the Austrian National Tourist Board: Markets & Multimedia Expertise.

Petra Stolba, managing director of the Austrian National Tourist Board, has a glint in her eyes as she speaks at the opening ceremony of this year’s National Tourism Day (#oett14) about “common formation flying” of all partners in the Austrian national tourism marketing (Yes, that’s talking ornithology terms here 😉 ). Martina Jamnig, spokesperson of […]

#STSLeipzig Social Travel Summit in Leipzig: Future, Success, Innovation.

It is 04.00 o’clock in the morning, my head is spinning and yet I am wide awake. Just now, two of the most inspiring, exciting and happiest days of gathering of international travel bloggers (“top online influencers”) with the travel industry (leading brands, marketers, PR & DMOs) have gone by in the Eastern German city […]

Meet & Greet: Austrian Travel Bloggers meet at the country’s largest trade show in Vienna

It was the most beautiful time of the entire trade show “Ferienmesse Wien”. “Do they offer free goodies here?”, is what visitors passing the stand of Creative Tourism Austria might have been thinking, watching about 30 journalists & travel bloggers gather for an interesting networking event at the largest travel trade show of Austria. Finally we meet! Nice to see […]

Creative Storytelling Workshop through Creative Tourism Austria

MAKE ME CARE! Why should I listen to you? What story does your person, your hotel, your offer tell me? “A so-called ‘Plättenfahrt’ on lake Aussee essentially means selling a dream to our clients”, Mrs Stocker, managing director of the hotel Erzherzog Johann in Bad Aussee, explains: “If we then manage to surprise their culinary imagination with our local lake brass specialities and […]

Creative Tourism Development in the Ardennes: Working Across Belgium, France & Luxemburg

Work & pleasure do not mix. Or do they? I actually find they almost always do: Perhaps this happens when you do the right thing. Having arrived in the Ardennes Luxembourgeoises, where my creative & committed friend Laurie Buchet is working as tourism development project manager, we always mix friendship & hard work. We like […]

Travel Blogger Campaign “Burgenland Neu Entdecken”

Mag. Ulrike Tschach-Sauerzopf, head of Innovation & Strategic Development, at Burgenland Tourismus destination management company, writes to me on 3 October, 2011 (my 28th birthday) along the following, fateful lines: “You have written a lot of travel articles on blogs haven’t you … Could you email me the link once more?” … Well, I could. […]

New Campaign for the Austrian National Tourist Board: “Creative Tourism Austria”

Back in Vienna: Only one week after returning from my exciting South America trip, I have already scheduled my first “business meeting” today. Thank you, dear colleagues at ANTO (Austrian National Tourist Office) for the warm welcome reception back home (complete with flowers for the International World Happiness Day!) and oh those delicious “Kipferl” sweet rolls … Coming home can […]

Establishing Successful Travel Blogger Relations “DIY-Style” in South America

It is indeed an exciting era for us travel bloggers. Being partly despised (mostly by those ignoring what we do) and partly celebrated, it comes with great pleasure that I now draw this balance of my most recent, successful travel blogger cooperations in South America. Why you too should head over there with your travel […]

Tourism Marketing Reloaded: Austrian Travel Destinations and Travel Bloggers

First of all, I would like to say thank you. To all the partners, opinion leaders, bloggers & tourism experts whose exceptional vision and determination I came to appreciate during the past 18 months: Thank you Andersreisender, Travelwriticus, Tripwolf Reiseblog, SofiasWorldSays, Breitengrad53, LittleMissItchyFeet, Vanilleah, Reisedoktor, Reisebloggerin, Kristine Honig, Claudi um die Welt, JustTravelous, LiveShareTravel, Teilzeitreisender, Kaffeeersatz, Germany’s Reiseblogger-Kollektiv and the Austrian […]

Promoting “Kreativ Reisen” at the Vienna Tourism Trade Show

Passion for (creative) travel: Together with five partners of the Austrian network Kreativ Reisen Österreich, I am here to introduce Vienna tourism trade show visitors to Creative Tourism Austria, despite nearby competition from sausage & chocolate booths, (loud) music entertainment and so on. The Vienna “Ferienmesse” is the largest public travel trade show with tour operators, destinations […]

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