Tourism Marketing Reloaded: Austrian Travel Destinations and Travel Bloggers

First of all, I would like to say thank you. To all the partners, opinion leaders, bloggers & tourism experts whose exceptional vision and determination I came to appreciate during the past 18 months: Thank you Andersreisender, Travelwriticus, Tripwolf Reiseblog, SofiasWorldSays, Breitengrad53, LittleMissItchyFeet, Vanilleah, Reisedoktor, Reisebloggerin, Kristine Honig, Claudi um die Welt, JustTravelous, LiveShareTravel, Teilzeitreisender, Kaffeeersatz, Germany’s Reiseblogger-Kollektiv and the Austrian Travel Blogger Network as well as to all “my” partners in Burgenland, Graz, Salzburg, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Rheinland-Pfalz and at the Wine & Spa Resort LOISIUM Hotel.

In Kooperation mit österreichischen Tourismus-Destinationen fanden im Jahr 2012 über 10 individuelle Blog-Trips statt, wie zum Beispiel im Oktober zum Weinherbst an die Südsteirische Weinstraße.

Austrian destinations and city marketing boards organised many different blog trips in 2012, among them a beautiful trip to Graz and the winelands of Southern Styria in order to experience the wine autumn season.

Together, we really managed to create added value and achieve some innovative forms of cooperation. Wherever travel bloggers and tourism destinations met, successful new types of campaigns and projects have been launched, most of which unprecedented in terms of local tourism PR.


Travel Blogger Campaigns create added value for digital tourism PR

The head of KURIER Travel Section, one of the leading Austrian daily newspapers, is publishing a blog post well ahead of its printed counterpart about his “Motorsägenschnitzkurs” (Woodcarving with chainsaws) in Burgenland. In Salzburg, the “Salzburger Nachrichten” newspaper publish an entire travel article based on the Austrian travel blogger “Andersreisen”, covering “Grenzerfahrungen – Radreise im Burgenland” (cycling holidays in Burgenland) in September 2012. Countless travel bloggers take to cities, hotels or destinations by publishing their opinions as digital media experts concerning top highlights and personalised travel stories. In doing so, the general esteem of travel bloggers as partners for digital promotion and PR is continuously being raised. This, in turn, has led to a rising number of international collaboration efforts between (professional) travel bloggers and tourism destinations: 2013 will see the publication of the “Book Of Travel Bloggers”, a kind of international travel blogger index launched by Oliver Gradwell, founder and managing director of Travel Bloggers Unite.

"Ganzer Köpereinsatz" galt 2012 im Burgenland, der ersten österreichischen Destination mit einer landesweiten, internationalen Blogger-Kampagne wie hier zum Thema Surfweltcup in Podersdorf, bei dem auch wir die Kunst des Windsurfens erlernen können!

“Full steam ahead”: In 2012, the Burgenland has launched its first international travel blogger campaign, inviting travel bloggers to join the annual Surf Worldcup in Podersdorf where participants are taught about windsurfing, among others!


Parallel dazu trafen sich Österreichs Reiseblogger im Dezember 2012 in der Stadt Salzburg sowie im Rauriser Tal, in dem wir die zauberhafte Roswitha Huber und ihre "Schule Am Berg" zum Thema Brotbacken kennenlernen durften. Zahlreiche Videos, Fotos & Berichte sind hierzu entstanden - ein starker, digitaler PR-Wert für die gesamte Region.

At the same time, the Austrian travel bloggers met and gathered in the city of Salzburg in December 2012 as well as in the Alpine valley Rauris, where Roswitha Huber invites us to bake bread in a traditional wood-fired oven. Many videos, photos and news articles / blog posts have helped spread the word about our activities – a great PR value for the entire destination.

Yet this is only the beginning.

The Austrian National Tourist Board has launched one of the first international conferences with travel bloggers in the city of Innsbruck back in 2011 together with Travel Bloggers Unite & Tripwolf. Salzburg proudly “re-tweets” the first tweet impressions about the Austrian Travel Blogger Meet-Up and vows to launch a specific travel blogger campaign in 2013. Graz welcomes bloggers to the “Lange Tafel der Genuss-Hauptstadt“, a kind of large table set for many hundred people in the city centre of Graz each summer. At the Wine & Spa Resort LOISIUM Hotel finally, a group of international travel bloggers from Germany, the UK and Austria has been invited to enjoy a series of wine & spa treatments, “wine talks with wine growers” & modern wine architecture, who thanks to thousands of fans, followers and readers are reaching a high level of market penetration.

The obvious advantage: Readers and Followers are not limited to local areas or regions, but may (thanks to the Internet) join from any place in the world, including of course live commentary and feedback. For the first time in the history of professional travel journalism and travel writing, destinations, hotels and tourism stakeholders are able to “harvest” real travel intentions, enthusiastic opinions & feedback of potential travellers thanks to an “instant social reach as well as realtime feedback” while the blogger is still at the destination.

Wer möchte sich in diese Wanne legen? Im Wine & Spa Resort LOISIUM Hotel gibt es eine Private SPA Deluxe Behandlung inklusive eines Bades für 2 Personen in der Yin Yang Wanne bei Kerzenlicht und einem Glas Wein sowie im Anschluss eine 50-minütige Chakra ™ Balancing Massage. Der reinste Luxus ... Auch für Reiseblogger ein Erlebnis-Muss!

Who would like to hop into this bathtub? At the wine & spa resort LOISIUM Hotel, you can experience a Private SPA Deluxe Treatment including a bath for two people in the Yin Yang Bathtub with candle light, a glass of wine as well as a 50 minutes Chakra ™ Balancing Massage. Pure luxury … Even, or especially for travel bloggers, an absolute must-do!

Exciting times, don’t you think?

And that’s why I keep insisting we develop cooperation with travel bloggers in a professional way, enthusiastically welcoming new initiatives of well-known travel bloggers while keeping up to date with the news of my colleagues through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Co. as well as by reading their blogs. How to fit it all besides work, travel & “leisure” time? Thank God I have achieved living a combination of these in my everyday life already! 😉

Martin Fosczcynski aus dem Tripwolf-Reiseblogger-Team war 2012 bereits mehrfach im Burgenland sowie in Graz und der Südsteiermark unterwegs: Der stete Kontakt, das Feedback sowie Details zu Organisation und Ablauf gehören zur guten Planung einer Blogger-Gruppenreise selbstverständlich dazu.

Martin Fosczcynski is part of the Tripwolf Travel Bloggers and has already visited the Burgenland, Graz and Southern Styria several times in 2012: Constant feedback and detailed planning concerning the organisation of a group blogtrip is vital to the success of any such campaign in a particular travel destination.


Reiseblogger und Kreativ Reisen - kaum etwas passt so gut zusammen. Auf den Spuren regionaler Besonderheiten kann man beim kreativen Erlebnis auf Sachen wie "Malen mit Kaffee & Schokolade" sowie Beatboxen, Motorsägen-Schnitzen oder Schnapps destillieren stoßen. All das und mehr gibt es im Burgenland, Österreichs führende Destination in der Kooperation mit internationalen Reisebloggern.

Travel Bloggers & creative travel – there is hardly a more perfect match than interactive cultural experiences paired with travellers wishing to experience authentic, behind-the-scenes experiences. Tracing local stories, creative travelling led us to “painting with coffee and chocolate”, beat boxing, carving wood with chain-saws or distilling our own schnapps. All of this can be experienced in Burgenland, a destination who has hosted a series of successful blog trips in 2012.


I look forward to your opinion & feedback of my views and to meeting you during one of our next trips, travel blogger conferences and of course travel blogger campaigns here in Austria, Europe or elsewhere! Drop me a line if you have something more to add.

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