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#STSKitzbuehel Social Travel Summit: Improving Relations between Travel Publishers & the Travel Industry in Kitzbühel, Austria.

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“In the words of Charles Darwin: Survival is for those who are ‘most responsive to change’. We are a kind of living history when it comes to communication technology: Over the past 20 years, things have been changing constantly”, says Nick Westergaard, and smiles. At his own exasperation, that is. Of having recently visited the “Museum of Broadcasting History” based in Chicago, Illinois, and finding that “what I remember vividly, is now a piece in a museum! Can you believe it?! My own children certainly laugh at me”, he continues, chuckling. But many of us in the audience nod, and let out an audible sigh. Truth be told: Only 20 years ago, the world of communication was an entirely different story, let alone further back.

So how to embrace the days we live in, and ready ourselves for remaining smart even in the future?

Thinking ...

“Know your long-term goals” is one answer, as proclaimed by Keith Jenkins, CEO of iambassador, at ‘The Social Travel Summit’ in Kitzbühel, Austria.



Usual or unusual? An image of the “Sound of Music” on Twitter causes either reverie, or negative reactions to the clothing style of the main actress: As with any type of communication, it very much depends on the context, as well as on the audience receiving it.


Nick Westergaard ...

Nick Westergaard also has this for us: An interesting chart about the “hierarchy of digital brand building”. Agree?


Every year, the so-called “Social Travel Summit”, run by a team of dedicated communication experts, brings together passionate travel professionals, addressing some of the most important issues in digital travel publishing & the travel industry.

Two days’ worth of packed conference sessions, impromptu corridor talks, inspiring coffee breaks & notorious after-parties provide a focal point for all of us creative minds to put our heads together and actively think about the future, based on what has been and is happening now in the digital influencer sphere. I have always loved participating in ‘The Social Travel Summit’ for these very reasons, and #STSKitzbuehel being my third such summit, I fondly remember having met our first speaker, Nick Westergaard, already at #STSLeipzig, back in the spring of 2014. He there gave a similar talk about the “7 Trends to Watch out for“, and here is a useful recap for you:


“Infinite possibilities require finite strategies. Instead of doing everything, we have to think about what makes the most sense – and slow down for it.” (Nick Westergaard, The Social Travel Summit in Kitzbühel, Austria).

Thank you for such an interesting presentation Nick!

Thank you so much for such an interesting presentation Nick!


Generally speaking, engagement levels at "The Social Travel Summit" are always high ...

Generally speaking, engagement levels at “The Social Travel Summit” are always high …


... and so is the quality of our speakers, in this case Janice Waugh aka Solotraveler.com.

… and so is the quality of our speakers, in this case Janice Waugh aka Solotravelerworld.com who talks to us about business planning, strategic thinking, and personal success formulas.


Another insight I’d like to share with you is a presentation by fellow Austrian Marion Vicenta-Payr called “Algorithms are killing us”, followed by seven steps to implement a successful (paid) Social Media campaign.

Marion’s talk (@MarionVicenta) zooms in on the fact that all of us “rely on platforms that we simply cannot control“. Even if we keep showing reach over absolute number of followers, organic reach is going down, likely even headed to zero in due time. According to her, there are three possible ways to go:


Lynsey Sweales (@LynseySweales) then presents us with the following steps to implement a successful, paid social media campaign:


All goals ever formulated, Lynsey emphasises, should be SMART: Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Thank you both Marion & Lynsey, for this interesting presentation!


Last but not least, I would like to

Last but not least, I would like to share with you insights from one of my favourite presentations this year: Erik aka “AroundTheGlobe.nl” and his insights on SEO management!


Erik van Erp, who I’ve enjoyed listening to on more than one occasions already, starts off his presentation about Search Engine Optimisation, with three important questions:

  1. Start with: “Where do you want to be found in two years from now?”
  2. Then, ask yourself: “Is there a market for it? And is it big enough?”
  3. Thirdly: “Can you make money off these topics?”


Say you publish about food, for instance, Erik continues using, Audrey Bergner’s website “ThatBackpacker.com” as an example. Culinary itineraries, he argues, may be more easy to monetise than food in general. He also goes on to say that “if you have less than 20.000 visitors to your website per month, you need to step up your game now. 20.000 to 50.000 visitors will keep you relatively safe, but not for long.”

“With more than 100.000 visitors a month, you will be safe for the next two to three years.” And: “The majority of your audience is there for the first time ever. The ‘our readers’ concept is slightly askew in terms of pure analytics.”

Generally speaking, all of us in the audience are hooked to Erik’s words, and I am pleased to give you the following, short run-down of the essence of his presentation, and tips for us:

“Even if you create awesome content, you need to collaborate in order to get exposure.” (Erik van Erp, The Social Travel Summit, Kitzbühel, Austria).

We agree it's one of the most interesting facts to know more about the

We agree it’s one of the most interesting facts to know more about the nuts & bolts of your website, i.e., your business right? Angelika Schwaff, and Keith Jenkins here, both hard working in the organising committee of the “Social Travel Summit”.


Loved my time meeting you again too, dear Gemma @Costa Brava Tourism Board : Can't wait to be back there sometime soon again, too!

Loved my time meeting you again too, dear Gemma @Costa Brava Tourism Board : Can’t wait to be back there sometime soon again, too!


Stay tuned for my next post up here talking more about this year's

Stay tuned for my next post up here talking more about this year’s “Social Travel Summit Think Tank”, and how I got to be an essential part of it by being asked to moderate a session on “going beyond content”, and helping travel publishers & the travel industry to share knowledge on how to work together in fresh, creative ways.


Check out all of my #STSKitzbuehel photos here:


… and don’t miss watching our happy #STSKitzbuehel Video either, both fun & informative:


What is your opinion about all of the above trends & developments?

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