Promoting “Kreativ Reisen” at the Vienna Tourism Trade Show

Passion for (creative) travel: Together with five partners of the Austrian network Kreativ Reisen Österreich, I am here to introduce Vienna tourism trade show visitors to Creative Tourism Austria, despite nearby competition from sausage & chocolate booths, (loud) music entertainment and so on. The Vienna “Ferienmesse” is the largest public travel trade show with tour operators, destinations and hotels from Austria & abroad, hence you need to be creative in order to stand out from the crowd. And creative we proved to be!

“May we present you our new creative travel deals from Creative Tourism Austria? So you know us from listening to the radio? Wonderful!” I stop tweeting & posting on my iPhone, switch back to radio talks with an interested elderly lady while simultaneously distributing magazines and tell-taling the stories of our 93 partners all over Austria. This is my dream job! “Our partner, Ulrike Müller-Kaspar, is here demonstrating the art of felt-making. Interactive, creative travel is some serious, hands-on fun: Check it out!”

Bei der diesjährigen Ferienmesse ist Ulrike Müller-Kaspar (Die Spindel, Langenlois) die Aufmerksamkeit der Besucher sicher: Binnen kürzester Zeit fertigt sie im Nu kleine Taschen, Behälter und dekorative Ziergegenstände aus reinster Schafwolle.

During this year’s tourism trade show, Ulrike Müller-Kaspar (Die Spindel, Langenlois) is sure to draw the crowds: Within only minutes, she hand-crafts small bags and cute little items made from sheep wool.


Frau Müller-Kaspar ist unsere Kreativ Reisen Vereinsbotschafterin des Tages!

We promote “Die Spindel” as our creative ambassador of the day!


... egal ob Fachbesucher, die eigenen Mitaussteller oder Touristiker aus dem Nachbarland Deutschland: Hier werden alle zu (wollenen) Fans!

… no matter if you are a trade visitor, just visiting from a neighbouring booth or visiting as a partner from Germany: Everybody is welcome to enjoy “hands-on holidays”!


Creative Travel in Austria is confirmed as a new tourism trend

“In the beginning of May, we are organising & promoting a photo safari in the area of Seefeld, Tyrol partnering directly with Sony or Canon who are offering us professional gear for the workshops.” – “The Genusskochschule cooking school of my mum now promotes another cooking workshop for men as well as a workshop on learning how to cook Austrian dumplings.” – “At the Geras Art Academy in Lower Austria, we have recently launched Art Clay Silver workshops with a new tutor – the newest hit with our clients and a really popular trend in the US.”

Our partners at the Vienna tourism trade show, Mr Kirchmayr from the Hotel Hocheder, Michael Pernkopf from Upper Austria, Landhotel Grünberg am See and Katharina Loritz from the Akademie Geras are all enthusiastic about creative tourism development. We have asked interested visitors and travellers: What is your preferred type of creative holidays?

Sind es handwerkliche Angebote wie das Filzen, was die Teilnehmer bzw. potentielle Urlauber und Freizeitgäste eher begeistert?

Is it crafts, such as felt-making, which are really popular among visitors and potential travellers?


... oder doch eher KULINARISCHER ...

… or rather CULINARY workshops, such as “dumpling cuisine” from Upper Austria …


... oder KÜNSTLERISCHER Natur, wie die Packages & Angebote der seit über 40 Jahren bestehenden Kreativ-Kurse an der Akademie Geras im niederösterreichischen Waldviertel?

… or ART & CULTURE with hotel packages & deals, such as those offered by Geras Art Academy for more than 40 years?


Our “survey” lasted four days during 10 – 13 January, 2013 and included 200 visitors to our booth, a prize draw of a Kreativ Reisen voucher worth € 50,- serving as a bonus to help us get some visitor data.
“We constantly work to offer professional services, such as online booking solutions, press & blogger relations or package and online marketing workshops”, I tell two young students from the tourism school HLA Baden. From over 800 exhibitors, their task was to choose three for an interview, among them “Kreativ Reisen Österreich” – Creative Tourism Austria. Why? – “We simply got curious about what Creative Tourism Austria might be. So we are here to find out.”

Aktuelle Jahresprogramme und Angebote gehen weg "wie die warmen Semmeln": Das Interesse der Besucher an Kreativ Reisen ist groß - sehr zur Freude der Aussteller (und meiner eigenen ;-) )

The year 2013 has barely started, yet many visitors still use this period for planning their (summer) vacation – our (creatively wrapped) “packages” are distributed in no time which means good news for our exhibitors and Creative Tourism in Austria.


Bei der Wiener Ferienmesse präsentierten sich im Jahr 2012 über 800 Aussteller aus 70 Ländern vor ca. 150.000 Besuchern - Zahlen, die hierzulande für sich sprechen!

During the Vienna Tourism Trade Show in 2012, 800 exhibitors from over 70 countries promoted their offers in front of 150.000 visitors – well done, everyone!


Mit solch kreativen Partnern ist es eine Freude, gemeinsam aufzutreten: Dieses Filz-Mobile "umgarnt" alte CDs und macht sich hervorragend vor dem Spiralen-Logo des Vereins Kreativ Reisen Österreich.

I am so pleased to have been there helping to promote our creative partners: This dangling felt toy for young kids is woven around old CDs and perfectly matches our Creative Tourism Austria logo. Thank you everyone for joining!

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