Kimoodo Workshop as part of the 1st Austrian Endometriosis Congress

“Hello Elena! We met in the summer of 2020 at a networking event in the Vienna Prater. I have been following you and your work on social media ever since. Today I saw that you have completed your training as a Kimoodo trainer! Congratulations! I immediately had to research more about it, and would love to have you as a speaker for my new project.”

Kathrin Pree wrote me these lines in autumn 2021. She is currently putting together the first Austrian Endometriosis Congress. For all those who do not know or are not sure what endometriosis is exactly, I recommend this page for further reading.

Actually, the above post on Facebook was only meant to spread joy in times of lockdowns and Corona pandemics. I never imagined that it would draw attention to a topic close to the heart of “one of my Vienna-based business mums”, nor that she would find it useful to compliment her congress on endometriosis.

At this congress I will soon be able to talk about my experiences with Kimoodo.

I got to know the Korean practice of Kimoodo through our Taekwondo club (see also some four years ago. Ever since, I have been practising this kind of movement meditation, which is similar to the well-known techniques from yoga, tai chi or qigong. Even and especially during my two pregnancies, practicing Kimoodo always proved possible and indeed helpful for me. Because “Kimoodo (is) not dependent on physical fitness like most other martial arts, but can be practised by anyone”, writes the German-language Wiki, for example. By anyone and everyone, I would add. For women in particular, Kimoodo with its focus on breathing techniques, strength, endurance, and flexibility is an important topic in terms of women’s health.

At the Endometriosis Congress in May 2022, I will talk about what Kimoodo is all about, what the three forces of Kimoodo are and what practicing this movement and healing art is all about. Basically anyone can participate. However, in order to dive deeper and practise regularly, I strongly recommend membership in a club. After all, it is community that motivates me to join in every time – whether online or on site.

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