#JumpForHeritage : Jump and win a trip to Barcelona!

Sports, fun and pride in cultural heritage: A new initiative by the organisation FRH (Future for Religious Heritage) encourages people all over Europe to take a “photogenic leap of joy” in front of a historic building. Until 15 March 2021, you may win a trip to Barcelona after the photo is published!  The best thing about it is that anyone can take part. My little family and I have already been jumping quite a bit lately:

Take a photo showing your jump in front of a (religious) heritage building. Post your story about it on Social Media using the hashtag #JumpForHeritage. That’s it!

It really is that simple. As you can see above, even our little son Liam has joined already!

Many young people from all over Europe have already “jumped for heritage”, as you can see for instance on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/jumpforheritage. Of course, you may post your favourite jump on any Social Media channel you like. Please check below in my post concerning all information and details on how to qualify for the prize draw for a trip to Barcelona.

For my part, I have loved not only jumping in front of my home church in the tiny village of Strass, but also in front of the iconic St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. As a bonus to our physical efforts of jumping with a toddler in hands, Liam has squealed with delight at each of our jumping efforts! I really do believe one should do this more often. Something completely crazy for the sheer joy of it. And quite likely, Liam will now ask himself (and us) the same thing.


Bonus: The best jumping picture wins a trip to Barcelona.

Once this whole lockdown madness is over (and believe me, the day WILL come – it simply has to!), we can finally start dreaming about travelling again. And why not dream of heading to one of the leading cultural metropolises in Europe? Because #JumpForHeritage also includes a photo competition: The winner will be hosted on a trip to Barcelona, all expenses paid by FRH. Check this link for further information on how to enter in the competition, including all details about the prize draw.


Looking for ideas? Here is a small selection of interesting jumps to date.


And you? Ready to #JumpForHeritage?


Disclaimer: This article is being supported by FRH (Future for Religious Heritage). All opinions are my own.

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