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Germany boosts Creative Tourism Development

30 stakeholders have recently launched a staggering 18 creative tourism products in a single-day workshop including 2013 dates & venues for these experiences in the LIMES World Heritage Area in the province of Rheinland-Pfalz. Part of what will be offered to interested (cultural) travellers are exciting and fresh experiences such as Roman Herbal Experience, Roman festivals, Creative Writing | Wood-Turning | Spinning & Felt-makingceramics, pottery or distilling whisky and many more. Dates are focused on the period of June to September 2013, marketing of the new “creative destination” serves local, regional & (inter)national networks such as a press conference during ITB Berlin or working together with Creative Tourism Austria and the International Creative Tourism Network in Europe.

Kräuterwerkstatt in der Römerwelt "Am Caput Limits" (c) www.roemer-welt.de

Creative Herbal Experiences at the Römerwelt “Am Caput Limits” in North-East Germany (c) www.roemer-welt.de


Running and moderating this workshop, I would really like to seize the opportunity and acknowledge all the efforts being taken by local stakeholders in making this “creative” product development process possible: Hotels, creative stakeholders, artists, tourism boards, local development agencies and of course the team of PER GmbH who first expressed their interest in offering this destination a chance to develop creative cultural tourism along the LIMES World Heritage area in Germany.

Jörg Hohenadl von Kräuterwind Genussreich Westerwald gibt uns Einblicke in die Welt der Kräuter (c) www.kraeuterwind.de

Jörg Hohenadl, of Kräuterwind Genussreich Westerwald creative herbs experience offers us his insights into a world of “natural knowledge” (c) www.kraeuterwind.de


I am also really happy to say that we got a lot of involvement from the most creative & dynamic of partners – single person entities, small restaurants & guest houses – developing real products for (sustainable) tourism. One of them, for instance, is “LIMES-Cicerone” (experience guide) Mr Manfred Knobloch, or weaving & patchwork artist Margit Nowak, who together have collaborated successfully with local tourism boards, hotels or guest houses in establishing creative tourism packages.


One of the thoughts that goes into marketing this new creative destination is a trip with travel bloggers in 2013, one that can possibly be supported or even jointly organised with the National German Tourist Board after hearing their focus on promoting “World Heritage” experiences.

Following my visit of this year’s World Travel Market in London, I have the following to say about “working with travel bloggers”: http://www.creativelena.com/en/project-space/working-with-travel-bloggers

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