English Language Workshop: Only “A Flash In The Pan”?

How much fun can it be to study “English Grammar In Use”? Do you know the feeling of having to train (in)famous “If-Clauses”, “phrasal verbs” & “English language idioms” ?

Well, to some, there are things in life they’d rather get over and done with – except for those who indulge in foreign languages and the art of excelling in them! As for me, I have to admit I rather belong to the latter. Thinking about why “The early bird catches the worm” can also be translated the same way into the German, whereas other expressions differ from one cultural context to the next, is pure delight to me – which quickly became obvious to my most recent English conversation group.

Having left school exam situations behind since many years, all those charming colleagues of mine hailing from a nearby town here in Austria are joining me on a regular basis for some good old English grammar & conversation lessons.

It’s a lot of fun to all of us, helped by cake, brezels & many jokes (in English, of course)! All of them are dealing with standard & business English vocabulary and phrases in their everyday working lives: Managing international phone calls, dealing with eccentric artists from abroad or helping out (international) visitors in the city of Vienna (a course in Viennese is scheduled for another time ;)). English conversation groups: Only a “flash in the pan” or do we really “take it to heart”?

I believe this group of mine is really dedicated and moving quickly from the notion of enjoying a “passing novelty” to “taking these lessons serious”. After all, I think it’s not on deaf ears these words fall.

Want more? Stay tuned!


Sprachworkshop English Conversation Lesson

Local Language Workshop English Conversation in a cosy environment!

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