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#cczk14 CastleCamp Kaprun: A Tourism & Social Media Conference of a kind!

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Revolutionary fingers are grappling the atmosphere here at Burg Kaprun in Salzburg. We are talking about the very conference hosts of the CastleCamp Kaprun (#cczk14), who enjoy their rock star band performances during the night as well as delivering innovative style format “CastleCamp sessions” during the day. Professionally speaking of course, supported by the demeanour of an oversized furry castle camp cat …

Yes, it is all a bit overwhelming to be here as a first-timer. (No, the furry cat ball actually is for real!). My first Bar Camp, then: “Elena, how come you have never been to one of our camps?!” There is always a first time in life, right? This CastleCamp in Kaprun in the Salzburgerland province rocks for its location, its content as well as its people! Never before have I witnessed such a collection of HiTech, WiFi, Mobiles, Tablets, Screens & else against the old historic background of a real, 800-year-old castle full of inspired and creative people: Tourism professionals, hotel owners, entrepreneurs, marketing & PR companies as well as “us online travel writers / new media journalists” have come to teach and learn from each other at the CastleCamp. Indeed, the format of this conference is such that all CastleCamp participants write their own conference session programme according to a majority vote of sessions put forward.

Kreative (HiTech)Stimmung am Eingang zum CastleCamp: Das Konferenzprogramm wird quasi "on the go" von den Teilnehmern selbst bestimmt!

Participants make up their own conference programme based on the know-how and suggestions of individual attendees, thus coupling knowledge on offer with a demand for more information …



… as per majority vote for relevance shown in this picture delivered during one of the sessions! I really begin to like this type of informal, yet extremely relevant and useful conference style format for the benefit of all attendees.


Am Eingang zur Burg Kaprun wacht diese dicke Diwanwalze ... Unsere liebe Burgkatze behält den Überblick!

At the entrance to the castle, you have to pass the gatekeeper … This huge furry ball of a mean-looking cat has had her (Social Media) picture taken at least a hundred times!



So what is the #cczk14 CastleCamp Kaprun all about? The topics are as widespread as are the backgrounds of participants: Social Media. Digital Photography. Twitter Analytics. And: Professional (Travel) Blogger Relations!

Right at the start, I would like to extend a word of thank you to two charming gentlemen who have really helped shaping the image of CastleCamp Kaprun in my eyes: Conference host Rainer Edlinger, of the SalzburgerLand tourism destination management company as well as “our” Austrian live Twitter reporter Günter Exel. Both have tirelessly been weaving together the threads of creativity during the sessions, brought it all to a nice conclusion, showed great moderation skills and managed to do a useful, LIVE minute report via numerous Social Media channels while still in Kaprun: Well done especially you, dear Günter!

(Den Mut haben), Neue Wege zu gehen: Auch darum geht es bei einem unüblichen Tourismus-Konferenz-Format wie dem bereits seit 2008 stattfindenden CastleCamp hier in Kaprun.

“Dare to be different”: A perfectly suitable motto for this rather unusual tourism conference here in Austria that has been around since the year 2008.


Einer der größten Vorteile dieses Camps: Freie Assoziation rund um die Themen Tourismus, Social Media & PR bringen anregende "Quer-Beispiele" aus vielen Branchen und Dimensionen.

One of the single greatest advantages of this conference format is its ability to allow for serendipity and creativity to happen, facilitating a new type of learning experience …


... bis hin zu Social Media & Crowdfunding, vorgestellt von Touristiker & Jurist Thomas Taler aus Innsbruck.

… that even entails Crowdfunding & Social Media, as presented by Florian Bauhuber (Tourismuszukunft) and tourism and media law expert Thomas Thaler.


Stets "live dabei": All unsere Meldungen & Tweets als visuelles Konglomerat bunter Bausteine hier am CastleCamp-Schirm.

A live mosaic of tweets and news straight from the CastleCamp screen. Those looking up from their smartphones for a minute will actually notice its presence – and a rather cool one, I must say!


Selbiger ist auch bei Günter Exel zu haben: Als Twitter-Profi berichtet er uns hier während einer Session am Sonntag Vormittag über die brandneuen Twitter Analytics sowie deren Möglichkeiten zur Reichweiten-Messung von Beiträgen über den multimedialen Social-Media-Kanal Twitter.

Günter Exel talking to us about the power of Twitter Analytics to generate media reach and measurement units, which have just been released very recently.


Danke auch an Achim Meurer für den unterhaltsamen & spannenden Workshop zum Thema digitale Fotobearbeitung via Google+ im nahezu romantischen Ambiente dieses Burgzimmers ...!

The ambiance of this castle room also made for an entertaining and interesting workshop by professional photographer Achim Meurer on digital photoshop options through Google+ …


... sowie draußen in Live- & Echt-Zeit bei Tipps zum Shooting im Foto-Workshop!

… as well as in realtime “exercising” in the castle courtyard during the outdoor photo workshop!


Zu guter Letzt ist das CastleCamp (natürlich) auch das: Ein Treffpunkt für Gleichgesinnte, langjährige Freunde, Geschäftspartner und Kollegen. Hier bin ich mit der lieben Kristine Honig-Bock, ihres Zeichens engagierte & talentierte Social-Media-, Tourismus- & PR-Beraterin. Kristine's Fokus und Herzensanliegen? Die Reiseblogger - und professionelle Reiseblogger-Relations!

Last but not least, the CastleCamp is this, too: A meeting point of like-minded people, friends and long-term business partners and colleagues from all over. Here I am talking to Kristine Honig-Bock from Germany, an expert in all matters Social Media, Tourism, PR & blogs. What does she care about? Professional online travel writers – and developing mutually beneficial relationships for people from the industry and travel writers themselves!


Shaping “Professional Travel Blogger Relations” during our session: Check those lists. Separate the good from the bad & the ugly. Develop professional relations. Measure the quality of interaction, and establish long-term, successful business partnerships!

Yes, yes, yes! We are talking EXACTLY what we all care about strongly in our minds and in our hearts. “All of us simply want the same”, Gudrun tells us in the most sincere way possible, answering a question from the audience during our Blogger Relations session at the CastleCamp Kaprun #cczk14. How did you first meet? And also: Travel Bloggers from Austria, Quo Vadis?

Mit dabei

Travel Bloggers present at the #cczk14: On the left with my dear colleague & friend Gudrun Krinzinger (Reisebloggerin.at) as well as Katja Wegener (Wellness-Bummler.de), Maria Kapeller (Kofferpacken.at), Angelika Mandler (WiederUnterwegs.com), Hubert Mayer (Travellerblog.eu) and Götz Primke (LeGourmand.de).


Auch Anja Wendling (Rheinland Pfalz Tourismus) treffe ich hier beim CastleCamp Kaprun zusammen mit Katja Wegener (endlich) persönlich: Anja ist was Blogger Relations angeht ebenfalls schon sehr fit, schnell finden wir dieselbe Sprache und besprechen erste Ideen gemeinsam.

Anja Wendling (Rheinland Pfalz Tourism Board, on the right) is another dear “virtual” friend I finally meet in real life here at the CastleCamp in Kaprun, together with Katja Wegener.


Vorbereitung unserer Blogger Session in der entspannten Atmosphäre des Burghof von Kaprun.

Preparing our session talking about professional blogger relations in the sunny courtyard of Burg Kaprun with Maria Kapeller (Kofferpacken.at, on the left) and Kristine Honig-Bock (Tourimark.com).


So what is our session talking about professional “Blogger Relations” at the CastleCamp #cczk14 all about then? My colleague Maria Kapeller has provided her first clues on how to build bridges between the tourism industry as well as professional online travel writing: Thank you for your interesting contribution, dear Maria!

“Stepping up” as online travel writers / bloggers present at the CastleCamp in Kaprun are Maria Kapeller, Angelika Mandler, Gudrun Krinzinger as well as myself, supported by Kristine Honig-Bock & Günter Exel thanks to their many years of experience in journalism, Social Media, Marketing & PR. Talking, engaging and sharing with our audience, we learn about the desire for a kind of checklist for professional travel blogger relations between the tourism industry and online travel writers. It is therefore that I have tried to write up my summary in the form of such a list (please do not hesitate to keep adding your comments and suggestions!):

Many more arguments & important messages vouching for a professional relation between travel bloggers & tourism are contained in the following articles:


Thank you so much everyone for investing their energy into building this new and exciting field of the online travel writing business and finding solutions together! I am so PROUD of us, and HAPPY to work with you !!!

Moderation der Reiseblogger-Relations-Session im Burghof des #cczk14 CastleCamp Kaprun.

And this is what our “work” also looks like: Getting ready brainstorming for our session at the #cczk14 CastleCamp in Kaprun.


Ein schöner Moment im Leben:

A beautiful moment in life: Sense of achievement, answering questions, fostering mutual respect, encouraging dialogue & openness, avoiding misunderstandings and … creating enthusiasm! And all of this surrounded by my dear friends and colleagues, it makes me HAPPY! From left to right: Günter Exel, Kristine Honig-Bock, Maria Kapeller, Angelika Mandler, Gudrun Krinzinger & myself! Thank you all !!

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