Counting Snowflakes at Hochkar Ski Resort: Winter Magic in Lower Austria

Dear readers. What a day !!! Snow flakes are dancing in front of my window. It has gone quiet around us. Winter is here at last! And so much snow, would you believe it? At least we didn’t when we decided, quite spontaneously, to go on a ski trip to Hochkar ski resort with my family right here in Lower Austria. Driving for about two hours from my home town of Krems, leaving very early in the morning, spirits high, anticipation low, only to  be greeted by fog and heavy snowfall at the mountainside. Discouraged? Not us: Mum, auntie & cousin who are with me on this trip have been skiing for as long as I can think, including myself at only three years old. Come wind and snowfall, you just dress accordingly and get on with it, is what I learned. At the Hochkar mountain resort, I tear open the door of our car to a world full of whirling snowflakes, squealing with joy about the fresh mountain air as only a happy winter-loving Austrian can.


Snowflakes falling, all is quiet and perfectly covered in snow, the wind howls a little. For those feeling less encouraged, “Joschi’s Hütte” mountain hut is already open for hot (Glühwein) drinks. The weather …

is nothing for softies. Sorry guys, this had to slip from a true skier’s tongue: It is an absolute no-go to come to a mountain resort and go straight for the hut, ignoring the slopes (and the weather) altogether. Hope dies last when looking up the mountain: Perhaps there was even some sunshine high above the clouds where the chair lifts would take us?

Auf geht's: Ich mache gleich mal mein erstes "Nasenspitzenfoto" - mehr mag bei Wind & Wetter einfach nicht herausschauen. Echte Schifahrerherzen erfreuen sich jedoch auch an Schneefall: PULVERSCHNEE-Alarm :D

Off we go, all wrapped up: Nothing to fear against the cold! A true winter self-portrait. 😀


Lieblingscousinchen Alex in Siegerpose vor dem verschneiten Märchenwald am Hochkar.

My dear cousin Alex beams against the backdrop of a fairytale-like forest covered in snow at Hochkar mountain ski resort.


Wem das winterliche Treiben draußen zu bunt oder zu kalt wird, dem sei zu einem echten, köstlichen "Germknödel mit Powidl, Mohnzucker & Vanillesauce" geraten. Bei der Kälte und dem Sport an der frischen Luft kann man das Kalorienzählen auch gleich getrost vergessen …!

Those wo do prefer the hut after all – like us after a while, I must admit! – are recommended to try a typical Austrian “Germknödel”: It is a huge sweet dumpling filled with plum jam and covered in sweet poppy seeds served with vanilla sauce … Being out there in the cold justifies burning extra energy: No calorie-counting allowed nor necessary …!


An altitude of some 2.000 metres above sea level makes for good powder snow: Since my early childhood days, we have come here to Hochkar in order to enjoy winter sports in the fresh mountain air.

This day, though, there is more snow than we could possibly think of! I do love the fresh, crunchy, powdery snow when carving down the slope on my snowboard. However, as the snowfall continues all day, the visibility is so poor that we do end up back in the hut only a little later. After all, Glühwein or else have never proven to be wrong, either ;).

Of course, Hochkar is always well worth your visit what with all its well maintained slopes and modern lift facilities. A day pass is € 36,-, you can rent your ski at only € 23,- a day. Even the prices at the mountain huts appear to me somewhat lower than those at our last mountain ski adventure in Kaiserwinkl, Tyrol. Since my early childhood days (I remember the late 80s as one my first ski trips here at Hochkar mountain), I do like to come back. And you’d be surprised at how many international visitors there are around here. See you around next time, then?

Kopf bzw. Board in den Sand - Schnee gesteckt: Gegen Ende des Tages ist gegen die schlechte Sicht leider nichts mehr zu machen.

Stuck your head / board in the sand / snow: During the afternoon, our visibility gets too bad for even the most passionate skiers among us.


Auch solche Exoten wie südländische Spanier treffen sich zum ungezwungenen Plaudern & Schivergnügen hier am Hochkar. Klasse!

Meeting among the Spanish skiers here in Austria: Later that day, we even meet an Argentinian snowboard instructor up here. Good fun!


Wir lassen uns nicht entmutigen: Gegen das schlechte Wetter sind wir gut angezogen, der Schnee ist fabelhaft - nur die Sicht könnte besser sein.

We are not easily discouraged, wrapped up in our fancy mountain gear, happy on our skis and hope to come back very soon for some more (sunshine and snow!).


Meine Mama in einem herrlichen Moment … von ihr, Tante, Cousine & viele weiteren habe ich schon mit drei Jahren Schifahren gelernt, seit ich mit 15 zum Snowboarden gewechselt bin … I am loving it! Winterspaß here we go :D

Mum in a happy “frozen” moment on the slope: Long live family ski days in the mountains 😀

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