Beer Workshop in Salzburg: Make Your Own Beer at the BierKulturHaus in Obertrum!

All fogged up (with beer steam). Laughing. Sharing photographs & keeping it going. “You have to continue stirring and check the temperature!” – “Make sure nothing falls in here, as that would be a real catastrophe and all of your work destroyed!” We take a respectful step back from the tank, which slowly starts filling up with “our beer“. Not even a single flake should land in this beer soup, which we have taken all these hours to brew up together with brewing master Sven: Who would have thought that the high art of beer brewing consists in hours and hours of cooking, mashing, filtering, pumping (around) and … waiting?! Add to this wafts of beer steam drifting around the cavern as well as the naturally open tap at the “BierKulturHaus“, and you get a truly happy group of young beer masters in the six-hour brewing workshop. This is a truly magnificent experience for every small group wishing to experience Salzburg and its beer culture. Check it out!


Brew Your Own Beer at the “Creativbrauerei” in Salzburg: An unforgettable creative travel experience

Thanks to charming local beer expert Johanna, we are having a blast around the modern “beer world of experience” at Trumer Brewery near the city of Salzburg: So many stories, so much beer knowledge there! But before we start our own brewing workshop, we first make our way to the tap wall. “Could I please have one for my own living room?”, Christian asks slyly: Johanna has to tap at least 10 times till all shots and angles are taken. For the real passion of our international group of travel bloggers & video journalists from Germany and Austria consists in filming, taking photographs, tweeting, “instagramming” & sharing. With the whole world. “The sunset photo Yvonne has shared on Instagram has received the most “Likes” ever”, her brother Johannes, who writes for his sister’s international travel blog JustTravelous, smiles proudly. Well, let’s start then. Today, I want to tell you of a day when we made our very own, unique and hand-crafted beer in Salzburg. Check this out!

Johannes von JustTravelous und Susi Maier vom Reiseblog "BlackDotsWhiteSpots" genießen ein ausgezeichnetes Trumer Pils an der Zapfwand der modernen Brauerei.

Johannes of JustTravelous and Susi Maier who runs her website & travel blog at “BlackDotsWhiteSpots” enjoy an excellent Trumer Pils beer at the tap wall at Trumer Brewery in Obertrum, near Salzburg.


Das moderne Sudhaus besticht durch einzigartige, "frei schwebende" Biertanks!

The modern fermentation house impresses us with these “floating” beer tanks!


Echte Brezen dürfen zur "Bierjause" natürlich nicht fehlen.

Real Brezen served to us as a snack!


Wenig später geht es auch schon los: Johannes "wälzt" die Grundzutaten für unser eigenes Bier im BierKulturHaus in Obertrum.

A little later, it is time to start: Johannes starts crushing the grains we use as the basis for your special beer called “Danish Midsummer Night’s Dream”!


Dokumentiert wird alles: Birgit ist zur Protokollführerin ernannt; wir brauen unter Anleitung des erfahrenen Braumeisters Sven einen "dänischen Sommernachtstraum" !!!

Everything is being documented: Birgit together with beer master Sven keep track of the beer protocol for the day.


Sexy: "Bierhexe" Susi sorgt für die richtige Mischung im Gärkessel.

Sexy: “Beer witch” Susi is in charge of the fermentation tank.


Dieser intensiv aromatische "Aurora"-Hopfen landet gegen Ende des Brauvorgangs ebenfalls in unserem selbstgebrauten Bier und verschafft diesem eine ganz besondere Geschmacks- und Aromarichtung. 100gr kosten ca. € 12-15!

These intensively aromatic “Aurora” hops are added to the brewing process towards the end so as to preserve their full aromas. 100 grams amount to € 12 – € 15, just to give you an idea of their worth!


Der charmante & erfahrene Braumeister Sven hat alles unter Kontrolle und dennoch immer Zeit für einen Witz. Ein wunderbares Vergnügen, mit ihm zu "arbeiten"!

Brewing master Sven keeps it all under control and yet never tires of joking and interacting with the group: What a wonderful day’s brewing experience at the BierKulturHaus in Salzburg!


Ganz wichtig: Der Biergenuss. Johannes entspannt beim Rühren!

Really important: Taking time to relax and enjoy. Johannes does it all, and quite right so. 😉


Eingenebelt gegen Ende des Brauvorgangs, sind wir beinahe selbst zu Bier geworden ... Hehe.

Wafted in by our own process of making beer, we have become really, really relaxed towards the end of the afternoon.!


Nach Ende der sechs Stunden Maische-, Läuter-, Gär- und Pumparbeit wird es schön langsam ernst: Die Würzigkeit des Bieres wird überprüft. Und muss genau passen! Zumindest in den Augen des Braumeisters ...

After six hours of careful filtration, adding, pumping and stirring work, the crucial moment of checking the beer aromas has arrived: Sven takes this very seriously and captures all our attention in the process.


Fertig ist UNSER BIER! Und kommt zur Abfüllung und ca. 4-wöchigen Lagerung in den Edelstahltank.

This is it: OUR VERY OWN, HAND-MADE BEER !!! Now, it is time to wait for about 4 weeks till the beer has finally reached its full flavours and storage time. It will then be sent to us. Can’t wait !!


Echte Teamarbeit: Das Kreativ-Team rund um Braumeister Sven der Creativbrauerei in Obertrum bedankt sich für den Besuch und ein einzigartiges BIERERLEBNIS!

Team work: A word of Thank You to creative beer master Sven who has shared his talent and passion to make this truly special beer & brewing seminar with us. It has been one of the most amazing creative travel experiences ever! Be sure to check it out one day.

Disclaimer: We have been invited by Tourismus Salzburg to travel to Salzburg and experience the brewing seminar at the BierKulturHaus. All opinions are my own.


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