#Balticdiscovery here we come!

Excitement. Happiness. Squealing with laughter! “Elena is able to fund her lifestyle travelling.” – “That actually sounds quite smart.” Well, is it? On the inside, I burst with happiness while continuing to listen to my girlfriends chatting in a cafe in Berlin. Maybe they are right! Something just FEELS RIGHT when, for the third time in one year, I find a reason to come back to the magic of the Baltic Sea Coast in Germany. Two times for professional reasons, once “for pleasure only”. Well actually, working as a happy travel blogger, the two always mingle. Which comes in quite handy, I’d say. Almost smart.

Genüssliches Frühstück im Cafe Engels in Berlin, Stadtteil Neukölln. Zum Anbeißen!

Delightful breakfast brunch @Cafe Engels in Berlin, district Neukölln. Digging in!


Meine liebe Freundin Sophie, wie sie lacht & lebt!

My beautiful Austrian friend Sophie, living & laughing in Berlin!


Die Anreise nach Wismar gestaltet sich mit weiteren, süßen Mitreisenden!

Travelling to Wismar in order to join #Balticdiscovery together with other young, curious passengers!


#Balticdiscovery with the Kreativsaison Mecklenburg: 6 Days, 6 Journalists, 6 Countries!

Just over two months ago, while still travelling Argentina & Chile, I received a message on Twitter with the hashtag #balticdiscovery: @Creativelena, wouldn’t that be something you are interested in? Hell, yeah !! Creative Travel, the Baltic Sea Coast in Germany and travelling together with a team of young, international journalists & bloggers while being „required to write / blog about it“: What else could you possibly desire?. Straight after coming back to Europe, I prepared my application including motivational letter and CV. Working self-employed for the past two years this almost felt like a great, creative challenge after such a long time! Now, on May 3rd, 2013 my exciting trip flying from Vienna to Berlin and on to Wismar has started. The sun is shining (when angels travel, the saying goes in German!), the people in Berlin have all taken to the streets enjoying the warm spring air & sweet sense of flowers. On Facebook, my travel blogging colleague Anja Beckmann (“Travel On Toast”) talks to me about next week’s “Sweetup” travel & food bloggers’ meeting in the German capital city. Exciting !! Will have to check that one out, too, I guess. Oh I am just so happy right now: Berlin, the Baltic Sea, Mecklenburg, creative travel, talented international people, photography, travel writing and what have you not. Stay tuned, dear readers!

Zur Begrüßung in Wismar gibt es gleich mal Kuchen für alle Teilnehmer. We LIKE! :)

Meeting in Wismar, there is cake to welcome everyone. We LIKE! 🙂


Vom Filmbüro Mecklenburg lassen wir uns alles Wissenswerte rund ums Thema Kino, Filme drehen & Filmprojektwerkstätten erklären.

At the Filmbüro Mecklenburg, we learn everything there is to know around cinema, movies, archiving films and project space for young film professionals.


Unser internationales Team mit Teilnehmern aus Spanien, Dänemark, Italien, Deutschland & Österreich: Gemeinsam sind wir zur #balticdiscovery gereist, um hier während sechs Tagen über die kreativen Kultur-Angebote der Region zu berichten.

Our international team with participants from Denmark, Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria: Together, we travel for six days along #Balticdiscovery reporting about the creative & culture offers in this area. Wonderful !!


Ein großer Dank an dieser Stelle nochmals an Teresa Trabert, die die gesamte Kommunikation gestaltet & Vorfreude gesät hat: Tausend Dank für alles, Teresa !!

Thank you, Teresa Trabert, for organizing it all and seeding so much pre-excitement ahead of this trip !! We are all very happy to be here with you, finally.


Hermann Paschinger 11 May 2013 - 12:25

Welcher Kuchen wird denn da verkostet?

Elena 12 May 2013 - 11:22

Köstlicher Kuchen, frisch gebacken vom #Balticdiscovery-Team an der Ostseeküste 😀


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